How to update WordPress plugins manually

How to update WordPress plugins manually


You will receive a notification update by email, then you should download it from your account and update it manually, let’s see how to do it.


First thing, Create a backup of your entire website before updating the core, themes or plugins so that you could revert the changes if anything odd occurs.

Step 1: Get the Latest Plugin

At first download the latest version of your target plugin from your account. It should be a .zip file. Extract the zipped archive. You will get a new folder containing the plugin files and folders.


Before starting the manual update process, deactivate the target plugin.

Step 2: Access the Plugins Directory


So you have the latest version of the target plugin in your computer. Now you need to install (upload) it to the server of your target site. Use an FTP client or visit the cPanel and follow this directory path public_html/wp-contents/plugins. It will show all of the currently installed plugin folders.

Step 3: Apply the Update

Once you are in the plugins subdirectory, open the target plugin folder. Delete all of the files and folders inside it, and paste/upload everything from the folder (in your computer) containing the latest version of the plugin. You can also simply replace the older version’s folder with the newer one you’ve just downloaded. That’s it.

After successfully following these steps, visit Dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins and activate the newly updated plugin. Hope you will find this procedure easy. Please let us know your thoughts too.

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